Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
  • One customer is entitled to one sign-up only.
  • Signing up of WATAMI Singapore’s VIP Card on behalf of other customers is strictly not allowed.
  • The minimum age requirement to join as a VIP Cardmember of WATAMI Singapore is 16 years old.
  • Membership forms with incomplete information may take longer processing time.


Usage of VIP Card:
  • VIP Card has to be presented at any WATAMI Singapore’s shops to enjoy the promotions and exclusive offers.
  • To enjoy birthday month’s benefits, please produce any photo identity for verification purposes.
  • VIP Card is valid for one year from date of application.
  • VIP Card is neither exchangeable nor assignable.
  • The benefits of the VIP Card are to be enjoyed by the person who applies for the VIP Card.


Renewal of VIP Card:
  • Renewal of VIP Card can be done at any WATAMI Singapore’s shops by filling up the membership form.
  • Cardmembers get to enjoy free renewal of their VIP Card upon spending an accumulated total of at least $1,000 within the year of membership period.
  • Otherwise, Cardmembers may renew their VIP Card within 2 months after the expiry date of their membership for $15.
  • Upon renewal of VIP Card, Cardmembers get to receive one (1) $30 WATAMI voucher, and enjoy 10% off the total bill at any WATAMI Singapore’s shops, and 20% off the total bill throughout their birthday month.
  • If Cardmembers renew their membership early, the effective date of the new cycle will start from a day after the expiry of the existing membership cycle.
  • If Cardmembers renew their membership after the expiry date, the effective date will start from the renewal date.


Termination and Cancellation:
  • Cardmembers may cancel their VIP Card before expiry date by emailing us at membership@watami.com.sg.
  • VIP Card will expire and membership will be terminated after a one-year period, from the date of application/renewal/replacement.
  • In the event of an early termination, membership expiry will be as of date of termination.
  • The account may be terminated in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions contained herein.
  • Upon termination of the account either by Cardmember or by us, Cardmember shall not attempt to use the account, such act shall be deemed as fraudulent.


Loss or theft of VIP Card:
  • To report loss of VIP Card, please email us at membership@watami.com.sg.
  • Replacement of VIP Card is chargeable at $5.
  • Upon confirmation of replacement of VIP Card, a new VIP Card will be processed and delivered to our WATAMI Shop within 10 working days for self-collection.
  • Payment for replacement of VIP Card fee has to be made together with the collection of VIP Card.
  • Upon replacement of VIP Card, Cardmembers are entitled to enjoy 10% off total bill for every dine-in, and 20% off total bill throughout their birthday month at any WATAMI Singapore’s shops. However, Cardmembers are not entitled to receive $30 voucher.
  • WATAMI Singapore shall not be liable or responsible for the loss of physical voucher(s) and VIP card or damage of the VIP Card.


  • WATAMI Singapore reserves the right to change, amend, reserve and/or withdraw all or any of the benefits, privileges, as well as terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Cardmembers warrant that all information and particulars contained in the membership form or any other documents completed and submitted to Watami Singapore Food Service Pte Ltd are true and correct in all aspects.
  • The VIP Card shall remain the property of Watami Singapore Food Service Pte Ltd at all times.
  • In case of any disputes, WATAMI Singapore’s decision shall be final.

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